Our Vision…

At Carfield, we understand that music is a valuable subject which enables children to become expressive, confident and resilient individuals. Music ignites a range of creative and intellectual skills that can lead to successes in a wide range of areas throughout school life and into the future. Our music curriculum will increase the children’s skills and knowledge giving them an essential creative outlet that they can use for the rest of their lives.

At Carfield, Music lessons not only provide children with knowledge but also develop musical skills, allowing them to express themselves, develop confidence and prepare them for their next steps in their musical education. Music units are planned to ensure that lessons build upon previous knowledge and skills and units work towards children developing their understanding and skills in all areas.
  • Music is taught as a drop day each half term. This allows the time needed for the children to be critical, inventive and reflective on their work.
  • Music is taught through the Sparkyard scheme. A half termly overview clearly maps out the objectives to be taught in each year group which allows for progression across year groups in all areas of music (pulse and rhythm, composition and improvisation, listening and performance).
  • Children listen to a wide range of musical pieces and genres identifying musical elements and features, discussing their effect and justifying their ideas.
  • Children listen to music with discernment expressing their opinions clearly and giving reasons for these. 
  • Children create and combine rhythms, melodies, harmonies or lyrics within their own music and can record these in a variety of ways. 
  • Pupils with additional needs are included in whole class lessons and teachers provide scaffolding or support where necessary. For those pupils who are working outside of the year group, individual learning activities are provided to ensure their progress.
  • Children improvise imaginatively and expressively with their voice or a musical instrument.
  • Children have had opportunities to perform for a variety of purposes on their own or as part of a group and are confident in their performing abilities.
  • Children can perform musical pieces confidently, fluently and expressively using their voice or an instrument sometimes using notation as a guide.
  • Children will leave Carfield with the necessary skills and subject knowledge they need in order to be a successful musician and equipped to take on further learning.
  • Musical experiences inspire children’s curiosity and foster a love for creative problem-solving.
  • Pupils at Carfield will be able to understand how to listen, compose, improvise and perform and use a range of skills to develop a successful design.

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