Year 6

Y6 is the final year at Carfield before children make the next move in their education to Secondary School. Therefore, Y6 is about preparing our pupils for their transition, helping them reach their full potential in their SATs, but most importantly of all, having the most exciting, fun and inspiring time while they are still part of our Carfield family!

In Y6, we have many exciting and engaging topics for the children to learn about as part of the wider curriculum in addition to daily maths, English and reading lessons. In Autumn, we focus on World War II, where the children learn about the causes, significant events and also the changes that happened during the war. The children have to work as historians to analyse how the roles of women evolved during this time. Moreover, they will learn about the economy focusing on trade and consider why certain areas were targeted and the reasons for migration to the UK post-war. In the Spring term, we focus more on geography and ‘Our Changing Planet’. We consider how physical features influence human activity, learn about how tourism impacts an area (both positively and negatively) and think about how our planet may look in the future. Throughout Y6, there are plenty of the opportunities for the children to get creative. For example, in the autumn term, they create multimedia artwork based on the war and create an air raid siren applying their knowledge of electricity. We are fortunate in Y6 to have many interesting science topics which provide the children with plenty of opportunities for practical learning. These include: electricity, animals including humans, evolution and inheritance, living things and their habits and light.

As it is their final year at Carfield, we want to ensure the children have an exciting time with us making many memories that they can take with them. During the first half-term, the children have a residential which helps build life skills such as resilience, teamwork and problem solving. Furthermore, the children learn important skills through a visit to crucial crew and have an enterprise topic where they design and sell their own product with proceeds going towards end of year treats. Finally, the children work towards an exciting production which will be showcased to parents/carers.

We are sure that the children will have a fantastic and memorable final year at Carfield.

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