School Streets

Our School Street

 By closing the road outside our school (Argyle Road) to traffic at the busiest times of the school day (when children are arriving and leaving) we are helping to make our school entrance safer, quieter with cleaner air for everyone to breathe.

Argyle road will be closed to all non-authorised traffic between:

8.15am -9.15 am and 2.45pm- 3.45pm, Monday – Friday, during term time.

Our School Street is marshalled by school staff and parent volunteers; on behalf of our school community, please be respectful and kind to those giving up their time to help us all stay safe.

What can parents do?

We ask all parents to encourage their children to come to school in an active way – walking, cycling or scooting.

If this is not possible, we ask that parents do not drive through the school barrier during the times mentioned above and park with consideration on the surrounding roads. The children can then walk to school for the remaining distance.

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