Design & Technology

Design and Technology is a valuable, practical subject. Through design and technology, children develop their creativity, problem solving, planning and evaluation as well practical skills and the ability to take risks. This subject gives the opportunity to work collaboratively as well as independently and develops vital communication skills. Our design and technology curriculum at Carfield will develop children’s abilities in a range of designing and making specialisms as well as giving them an understanding of the impact of design and technology on daily life and the wider world. Our design and technology curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced for all pupils including those with SEN and/or disabilities.

Design and Technology lessons are underpinned by our Design and Technology Key Concepts or ‘Big Ideas’ in order to not only provide children with knowledge but also develop their design and technology skills allowing them to know more, do more and understand more. Design and Technology units are planned to ensure that lessons build upon the Big Ideas and that units always work towards children developing their understanding and skills in these areas.


  • Children are able to come up with a variety of creative solutions to real-life problems.
  • Children problem-solve as they work through a project, making adjustments to their design or way of working in order to improve their final product.


  • Children evaluate existing products in order to identify criteria which can be used in their own designs.
  • Children use a range of planning methods including the creation of design specifications as well as detailed diagrams to plan what they are going to do.
  • Children understand the importance of planning in Design and Technology and can explain the implications of poor planning or design.


  • Children have developed and honed their skills in a range of design and technology specialisms and are confident choosing the appropriate materials, tools and methods for a particular purpose.
  • Children draw on the range of skills and expertise they have developed in order to make functional end products which meet their design specifications.

Design & Technology at Carfield is taught following the requirements set out in the framework of the 2014 National Curriculum.

The Carfield Art and DT Overview 2022-2023 maps out the design and technology curriculum and outcomes for the year. Across the academic year, all year groups will study three design and technology units of work including a food technology unit, a textiles unit and a systems, structures or mechanisms unit. These units are spread across KS1 and KS2 to ensure that children build their knowledge and skills in each specialism across their time at primary school.

Teachers use medium-term plans created by the design and technology subject leader in order to ensure that there is clear progression as the children move through school. Lessons and units of work are carefully sequenced to build on prior learning and to ensure that learning is revisited regularly. Lessons are planned and sequenced to ensure that learning builds towards a quality outcome. Knowledge organisers are used for design and technology so that children can refer to these regularly in order to consolidate key knowledge and vocabulary.

Each Design & Technology lesson links to at least one of the three ‘Big Ideas’ (Problem – Solving, Planning and Production) and these are shared with the children at the beginning of each lesson. By regularly referencing these big ideas we are teaching the children to evaluate their own learning and to make sure that they know what success looks like in Design & Technology and what they need to do to improve. Over time, children will be able to identify which of these they are demonstrating in order to be a successful designer and maker.

Every teacher is a teacher of special educational needs. Therefore we endeavour, as a team, to meet the needs of each individual through reasonable adjustments and targeted approaches, as per the SEND code of practice. All of which is done in collaboration with pupils, parents, staff and where appropriate external services. For those children with SEN and/or disabilities, we ensure they have the support that they require according to their individual needs in order to access and achieve in design and technology. We remove barriers, make reasonable adjustments, adapt and personalise learning opportunities and use aids in order to maximise potential. We are committed to ensuring that all barriers to learning are overcome without compromising progress, quality of learning, access to the curriculum or equipment.


Our Design & Technology curriculum at Carfield will ensure that children leave Carfield with the necessary skills and subject knowledge they need in order to be a successful Designer. The high-quality Design & Technology experiences children will receive will inspire children’s curiosity and foster a love for creative problem-solving. Pupils at Carfield will be able to understand how to plan and evaluate effectively, think critically to solve problems using a variety of solutions and use a range of skills to develop a successful design. Our design and technology curriculum prepares pupils with SEND for the next stage of their design education.