Physical Education

Our Vision…

At Carfield, we aim for our pupils to develop confidence, physical competence and resilience through our PE curriculum. Our curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to develop their health and fitness, to compete in sport and other activities, to build character and to embed values such as fairness, respect and sportsmanship. Most importantly, our curriculum sets out to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel and to continue to be active throughout their lives.

Physical Education is a vitally important and compulsory area of the curriculum. All pupils are entitled to 2 hours of high-quality PE every week. Physical Education at Carfield intends to provide pupils with lifelong skills and values related to physical activity as well as skill and health-related fitness. Pupils will leave Carfield as motivated PE performers, confident in their own ability and bodies; physically competent in a range of invasion games, striking and fielding sports, dance/gymnastics and fitness activities, and reflective practitioners who understand that mistakes are the first steps to success.

In Physical Education lessons, pupils will develop social skills that will positively impact them throughout all areas of their life. This includes skills such as: teamwork, resilience, problem solving, determination and self-efficacy. Our PE curriculum is designed to encourage enjoyment and engagement for all pupils and gives pupils the opportunity to experience positive, early experiences of all PE, school sport and physical activity. There is a clear progression of content and intended outcomes that allow pupils to face challenges and achieve success.

Physical Education schemes of work will be appropriately pitched and challenging for all pupils, regardless of ability. We will have the highest expectations of all pupils and will support them to achieve their personal best in the subject. All pupils will be expected to adhere to the correct dress code and rules of the PE lesson. Lessons will be progressive and will support broader curriculum goals. Assessment of pupils will take place formally at the end of each half term block, yet pupils will be continually, informally assessed during lessons, activities/tasks adapted to best suit their needs, sporting fixtures and extra-curricular clubs. Enrichment opportunities will be offered throughout the year with pupils encouraged to access at least 2 sporting clubs per a year. Our commitment is to have maximum participation in as many fixtures/festivals or competitions, as is feasible, to give pupils positive and meaningful early experiences of sport and competition.

Our PE curriculum will equip pupils with the necessary skills to succeed in PE at Carfield and the foundation to be successful at secondary school. Carfield pupils will be able to think independently, while relying on their own judgement; become accomplished decision makers and solve complex problems within a PE context; they will display excellent inter-personal skills and develop their ability to work in small/large groups understanding group dynamics. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, while understanding how to follow as well as lead. Pupils will understand the extreme emotions involved in sport/PE/physical activity and learn to be gracious winners and accepting losers. Pupils will adopt a personal philosophy that PE and sport will positively enhance their lives in and outside of school.

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