At Carfield, we know that a high-quality Science curriculum is vital for giving children an understanding of the world around them. As pupils progress through school, they will build on prior learning and gain the scientific knowledge and skills they need to prepare them for the next stage of their education. They will also develop an understanding of the uses and implications of Science today and for the future. Our Science curriculum nurtures children’s curiosity, encourages respect for living things and the environment and fosters children’s collaborative skills. Our science curriculum is ambitious, broad and balanced for all pupils including those with SEN and/or disabilities.

Science units are underpinned by our Science Key concepts or ‘Big Ideas’ in order to not only provide children with knowledge but also develop scientific skills, allowing them to know more; do more and understand more. Science units are planned to ensure that lessons build upon the Big Ideas so that children are constantly developing the key knowledge and skills they need to be a successful scientist.


Children are curious about the world around them and are eager to find about more about the way things work and why things happen.

Children are able to formulate and ask relevant questions in order to increase their knowledge and understanding.


Children can select the most appropriate form of scientific enquiry to answer their questions.

Children are able to plan and work methodically, evaluating and modifying their approach where necessary.


Children can draw conclusions from their investigations, explaining clearly and concisely what they have found out.

Children draw on their wide range of scientific knowledge and understanding when explaining how things work or why things happen, making clear links between different aspects of Science.

Children use accurate scientific vocabulary for their explanations.

Science is taught discretely and weekly throughout school with one afternoon timetabled for teaching Science. During the year, objectives are taken from the Progression of Skills document to ensure that children build on prior learning and ascertain both the necessary scientific skills and knowledge they need. Low stakes testing and retrieval practice is embedded to support this and help children retain what has been already taught from earlier in the year group and previous years. Lessons are carefully planned to ensure progress and every lesson draws on at least one of the ‘Big Ideas’. Over time, children will be able to identify which of these they are demonstrating in order to be a successful scientist.

Enrichment opportunities are carefully planned to stimulate children’s curiosity and love of learning. Every year, Carfield host a ‘Science Week’ where each year group focus on a given topic. From this, practical investigations are carried out and children are required to explain their findings. English and Maths lessons are also tied in with Science to allow children to embed previously taught skills in a different context.

Every teacher is a teacher of special educational needs. Therefore we endeavour, as a team, to meet the needs of each individual through reasonable adjustments and targeted approaches, as per the SEND code of practice. All of which is done in collaboration with pupils, parents, staff and where appropriate external services. For those children with SEN and/or disabilities, we ensure they have the support that they require according to their individual needs in order to access and achieve in science. We remove barriers, make reasonable adjustments, adapt and personalise learning opportunities and use aids in order to maximise potential. We are committed to ensuring that all barriers to learning are overcome without compromising progress, quality of learning, access to the curriculum or equipment.

Our Science curriculum at Carfield will ensure that children leave us with the necessary skills they need in order to be a successful scientist. This encompasses both the necessary subject knowledge and skills so they are ready for the next stage of their education with a love for Science which is developed from their time at Carfield. Our children will be able to: ask relevant questions related to developing scientific knowledge and understanding; decide how to answer the questions and plan and carry out an investigation accordingly evaluating when necessary; present their findings using scientific vocabulary accurately. Our curriculum prepares pupils with SEND for the next stage of their science education.