Year 3

Year 3 is the first year of Key Stage 2, which is a big transition for the children. After just finishing their end of Key Stage 1 assessments (SATs), they will come up to a new building and be thrust into a fun and engaging curriculum. There are no statutory assessments in Year 3 but we will still assess the children at various points to ensure they are making progress. There will be a larger emphasis on times tables this year, in preparation for Year 4.

Our curriculum is interesting, interactive and immersive. As well as teaching maths, English and reading daily, each term has a project driver, which will be the focus of our wider curriculum learning. Autumn term has a history focus where we discover local history and the children get a real sense of what history is and what a historian does. We also cover The UK during this term. Spring term is centred around geography; we explore our Extreme Earth by covering various natural disasters. This is coupled with our history topic ‘The Romans’. Although we teach art throughout the year, summer term allows the children to get creative, as it has art as the driver. Our main focus is to create sculptures and to focus on the history of them. We will also teach some fieldwork skills in geography. Woven into this exciting curriculum is science, music, personal development, PE, computing, Spanish and RE.

In Year 3, we understand the importance of enriching and enhancing the children’s learning through hands on experiences. During each term, the children will get the opportunity to go on a school trip themed around their learning. Where relevant, the children will also get to enjoy visitors to the school and outdoor learning. Towards the end of Year 3, they will also get to participate in a musical production, which will be performed to parents/carers.

We are sure the children will have a fantastic year!

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